Fitness Professional & Sporting Coaches Referrals

We welcome any referrals from personal trainers, group class leaders or gyms who are concerned about a client/member's suitability and contraindications for exercise.  If you have a personal concern and wish to make an appointment for a consultation, please speak with your fitness professional first.  If they require assistance evaluating your condition or would like a second opinion, they may request a consult for you.

We provide;
  • Guidelines for safe exercise and training zones
  • Advice on exercise or activity to avoid
  • Advice on exercise modifications
  • Support for managing conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue or arthritis while exercising
  • Pain management advice
  • Baseline and progress testing - flexibility, strength, cardiorespiratory fitness (Submax V02 & V02 Max), metabolism, balance
  • Successful behaviour change strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing for successful weight loss